2001 Elling 45 ft E3 Brigadoon

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For Sale

2001 Elling 45 ft E3 Brigadoon

Built in the Netherlands, Brigadoon, a CE Category A boat, is designed and built to survive heavy seas, transit skinny water, and is the only commercially available boat that has the ability to self-right from a rollover! She is a high-end European pleasure boat, with a sleek appearance, superb fit and finish, economical use of space, efficient design, and masterful engineering. Her hull is made of Twaran/Kevlar, which is five times stronger than steel!

The Elling E3 has a well-deserved reputation for fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort. Even in beam seas her roll motion is moderate, thanks to roll-damping properties inherent in her hard-chine hull, which works with the sea instead of fighting it.

A Great Loop veteran, Brigadoon spent the rest of her time in the fresh water Great Lakes, until she was purchased by the current owner in August 2018, who brought her through the river system to the Gulf of Mexico. While in the Great Lakes she was in the water 4 months each year, and spent the other 8 months in a heated storage building. She is well equipped for both weekend and long-range cruising.

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